Hell-the lies of progressive christianity


Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” has created some controversy with the Christian community. Rob Bell dances dangerously close to universalism and is really only writing what the progressive church is thinking. Some Christians have a hard time grappling with ideas such as eternal torment and the fact that a good God could allow such a thing.  It would seem that such an important topic like Hell would have a more thorough explanation in the Bible and that more detail would be given. The fact is that Hell is barely mentioned and when it is mentioned it is usually only vague references. But then who is the Bible written for it is not written for those that choose Hell it is written for those that choose God. Hell is fairly unimportant to a good christian that has a healthy relationship with God.

Just because the topic of hell did not have great prominence in the Bible that does not mean that hell does not exist and that also does not mean that we can not understand what Hell is on multiple levels. So what exactly is Hell, what is the purpose and is it eternal? Hell does exist and you should have at least a basic understanding of what Hell is about.

Not every person goes to Heaven. In fact far fewer people than most people think will go to Heaven and it is not about the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. It is about those that have chosen to be obedient to God and those that have not. Remember that sin is basically being disobedient to God’s will and sins range in their magnitude by how disobedient to God the action is. When you start thinking of sin in this way it should start becoming more clear why sin is so costly and why it is so bad. Why is suicide such a bad sin? Well it is at the very essence of God’s will that you live, experience and make a decision to have a relationship with God or not.

When a person commits suicide not only are they being disobedient but they are directly interrupting God’s will. There is a difference which is like breaking a law compared to trying to dismiss a law. Blasphemy is the unforgivable sin and the essence of blasphemy is not just disobeying God’s will but disrespecting God while doing so. This would be like a man speeding while flipping off the police officer as he passes by. Not only is he speeding but he is arrogant, disrespectful and confrontational in his decision to break the law. That is blasphemy.

 Here are the basics that we know about Hell:

First Hell is separation from God. This is a complete and utter separation from God but what intensifies the punishment is that it is after having been in the presence of God after mortal life. We all will stand before God and be held accountable for our behavior and our actions. Those that loved the world and had no concern for God will be in a tough position. God will separate out those that have been obedient and chosen him and he will remove those that have not and place them in complete separation from his goodness.

Hell is eternal. Now there is a lot of debate on the eternalness of hell but hell is eternal and it easier to logically understand than one would first think. God is timeless or outside of time. There is no basic separation of events for God, everything happens now and also takes forever. When we pass on from our mortal lives we will stand before God in his full presence and we also will be outside of time or eternal. Once judged a person will go to Hell which is outside of time. Without that separation of time hell becomes eternal or timeless. Now when talking biblically eternity does not necessarily mean without end which is what the english language would apply definition to the word to mean. A better word is timeless but that word did not become popular until well after the King James was written. Hell is timeless. It will seem like it lasts forever especially for a creature that has experienced time and now is in a timeless state. It might as well be forever.

Hell is a place of punishment. There is a price that has to be paid for the most grievance offenses when disobeying God’s will. Murderers, pedophiles and so forth have to be punished for their actions. This is not a punishment to instill regret or to exact revenge or to pay a price so to speak. This is a punishment to burn away impurities. Fire harms but fire also sanitizes, cleans, strengthens and is a catalyst for something to change properties or states. Like water to steam or wood to ashes. Fire is the catalyst for accelerated change. Does God have people whipped and tortured in Hell, no. However, people will be held fully accountable for their actions and will face a transitional period that will not be good. For some or all after that period of transition their existence will most likely come to an end. No matter what happens it will be very difficult. Becoming ash does not sound very appealing.

Satan exists in Hell. This is the only place Satan can exist because hell is the one true place that is fully separated from God and God can not have things around him that are disobedient to his will. Hell is timeless and Satan does reside in hell until his existence is extinguished and he becomes less than ash. Sharing hell with Satan is probably the most fearful thing about hell. Satan is powerful as the bible has mentioned and sharing a non supervised or moderated existence with him is probably what makes the punishment the worst. Imagine being in prison with the most insane and violent criminal and he has all of the power. Hardly a pleasant idea.

There is no such thing as universal salvation. Universal salvation was discarded at least 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross and bridged individual salvation. God does love but his love is pure and a pure love also is responsible, accountable and noble. How could God be noble if a horrible criminal has no accountability. Do not buy the lies of progressive christianity.

The easiest way to avoid hell is to develop a relationship with the one that gave you everything and asked for little in return.


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